Mushkie (Review)

A story about two female roommates, Mushkie (Aleena Chanowitz) and Sari (Talia Berger-Benkoe), who enjoy each other’s company, even if they keep exchanging the same phrases (“Can you relax?” “You’re so annoying!”). They’re recent immigrants to Israel.

Mushkie takes a phone call from her friend Daniella who has invited her somewhere. Actually, she’s out on a date instead. Daniella is a man named Daniel (Amit Roth) who seems to talk in a different language than everyone else. And Mushkie and Daniella seem to be staying in than going out. Let’s just say they take things a little too far and Mushkie is afraid she is potentially pregnant. Telling it to Sari may be a bit more difficult than she thought though.

After Mushkie tries a home remedy to see if she’s pregnant and it goes wrong (it has something to do with garlic), Sari helps her recover and asks exactly what is happening.

A simple film with few elements as plot, basic characters, and a generic scenario that most women have to deal with at one point or another. Most of the dialogue (a mix of two different languages) was humorous and while the ending seemed a bit disgusting and out of place, it was interesting to try and predict what the outcome may have been if Sari reacted in a different way.

Be sure to catch this at the TJFF either on Sunday May 8 in Cineplex Cinemas Empress Walk 6 at 8 pm, or Tuesday May 10 over in Bloor Hot Docs Cinema at 8:45 pm.

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