I Killed My Husband (He Matado a mi Marado) – JFL Review

Relationships can be difficult. Marriage can be even more challenging. As far as arguments in marriages/relationships go, it is my understanding that it’s always the man’s fault (I speak from experience here, folks). Since taking pills messes things up (or so I heard), and divorcing is only multiplying the rate of failed marriages, sometimes, the only thing to do is for the woman to show her true power and get even with the husband., through a violent and unconditional method. Which is what happens in this movie.

After going to a resort with her lady friends and discussing divorce remedies, Remedios (Maria Conchita Alonso) comes home to discover her husband Piero (Guy Ecker) cheating on her with another woman (Gaby Espino). So she pulls a gun out of nowhere and shoots her good-for-nothing spouse. So now Remedios and Berta (Assumpta Serna) the maid have a big issue of disposing the body without being found out (Being lead actor in a short film with a similar subject, I can say they had the right idea) before a party happens at the residence. Opportunity knocks when moronic handyman Pepe (Eduardo Yanez) comes over to offer garden work they take this to their advantage of having him doing more than he expected. Things are about to get more out of hand when family members start dropping by early and Viviana decides to report Piero as dead with the aid of the law. Things get disastrous for everybody, even the guests as further stress rises. No matter how much everyone tries to keep things under control, things only get over the top in chaos. After all, the more people come to the house, the more problems arise within it thanks to everyone tainted guacamole, which leads to strange sexual advances, and everything falling apart.

The whole film is chaotic with messy concepts and it all works into one of the funniest things ever made. The characters are generally insane and come off as the most entertaining cast I’ve ever seen. Even though the majority of the movie is just yelling at each other, they say some of the most hilarious dialogue while doing so. The plot is something I may or not have experienced myself but with lots more of a crazy outcome. The colouring of the decor and the interior is just brilliant. It’s a strange film that is riddled with bad jokes and good jokes galore. The family is so crazy, you’ll be relieved that yours is hopefully not like this one, and going crazy over their crazy outbursts. It may not be for everyone given subject matter, but it tries hard and makes a big strange interesting deal over a pretty big situation.




I killed my husband will be premiering February 18, 8:30 PM at Vancity Theatre as part of the Just For Laughs Festival.

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