Black Cop (Review)

Everyone knows about good cops and bad cops. But what about black cops? Well, Black Cop is a good film that explores what that situation/experience is like. Our hero, portrayed by Ronnie Rowe Jr goes through the list of reasons he became a cop as well as sharing the story of being helpful to the community. But not everyone sees him as a helping hand, and advantages aren’t always in his favour. When you’re a black cop and you’ve cuffed black people under 25 multiple times, sometimes people have a different perspective about you. But that doesn’t stop the Black Cop from doing his job and proving that he’s got his own black and he knows his own personal colours better than anyone else. Many troubles that plague the protagonist are issues like getting mistaken for a criminal by his own force when he’s off duty, citizens refusing to listen to him, and even the lone punk on the street who looks like he’s plotting something.

Throughout the movie, we see clips of the Officer beating up civilians, listening to his favourite radio Q&A broadcast, and explaining his inner thoughts.

From one perspective, it looks like law enforcement can be pretty brutal to anybody. But from another perspective, it looks like not everyone does the right thing when it comes to following the rules when an officer is questioning them. An amazing film with interesting satire, made tastefully by Cory Bowles, everything about this movie is incredible. The effects are so trippy when Black Cop goes through inner thought scenes, the story while all over the place has quite an amount of adrenaline-fueled feels, and the entire combination of the whole movie is very well made.

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