Air Canada enRoute Film Festival: Part II

Monsieur Keven – Ariane is pregnant, causing her to think about her boyfriend, Sebastien, who’s more into social media then anything else. When their cat Mr. Keven goes missing, that’s when Sebastien gets up and starts helping Ariane help with the search. This one started out basic, and just ended strange.

Monsieur Lefebvre – A middle aged businessman named Jean is enjoying a lunch over at a restaurant to kill time before a rendezvous. However he seems nervous about the rendezvous.

Overcast – Two clouds duke it out to see which is more interesting looking to some kids. I saw this at the festival, and I’m starting to think I might’ve not been as drunk when I saw this. Very beautiful film that turns much more intense without warning. Very artistic and colourful.

Sadie – Takes place in the 1940s in Newfoundland. When a teenage girl named Sadie (Emily Corcoran), having suffered an accident that killed her parents, goes to find a new home, she ends up boarding in a house next to a nurse named Josephine (Joanne Kelly). The nurse slowly gains interest in the girl and wants to know more about her. The film seemed very basic. It had some interesting cinematography though.

Where the River Widens – A five-minute documentary-style film about fishermen who go out to the sea early morning and have all kinds of fun together, no matter who they are and how well they know each other. It’s all about the sea. This one really wasn’t much to me, just a basic documentary talking about a fisherman’s day.

Wool – Alexander comes home to his parents. He ends up dealing with a serious migraine and some bigger problems in his life that he must confront. This was a very deep film. I enjoyed it even though it didn’t feel like very much.

I ended up voting for Mars Barb. Not because I met the star, but because it provides a special message saying that if you work hard enough, there might be a possibility that everything will work out for you in the future.

(Image: NASA)

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