Canadian produced movies

Canadian produced movies are often not as well-known as many of the alternatives. Comparatively speaking, people seem to be more familiar with television shows from Canada. Canada does have the reputation for producing great television shows, but a lot of people still don’t really think about Canadian movies.

A large number of movies have actually been filmed in Canada. It’s an interesting quirk of the American film industry that countless movies have been shot in Canada but few films are actually set in Canada. This is the sort of thing that can certainly be frustrating for a lot of Canadians.

They might have some fun trying to recognize Canadian locations in the background of American films, and they might enjoy mocking the fact that these supposedly American films are clearly set in Canada. However, it might still be annoying that their own home country is not really getting the representation that they would really want for it.

Many Canadians will watch American media more than their own, which a lot of people have recognized as something of a mass cultural problem. There is actually a rule in Canadian broadcasting that radios must be sure to present a certain percentage of Canadian content at all times, and this was a rule that was created in order to counteract this problem.

This rule means that a lot of people will tend to listen to the same artists over and over again on the Canadian radio, with certain Canadian artists becoming incredibly well-known within Canada and some of them becoming painfully overexposed as a result.

Many Americans might actually be able to help by consuming more Canadian media more often. America has a huge population, especially compared with Canada. When more Americans consume more of anything, it tends to show up in the numbers really rapidly. While this is something that a lot of people find frustrating, it does give a lot of Americans power that they could use positively at any point in time.

Some people don’t even know that certain great films were produced and created in Canada. The Sweet Hereafter, for instance, is a very critically acclaimed film, and it is also Canadian. Stories We Tell, Dead Ringers, I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing, and The Barbarian Invasions also qualify.

Canada has a lot of films in the French language, since it is the home to a lot of French speakers. People who want to watch more French language films might appreciate that, especially since it will give them the opportunity to see the cultural differences between certain parts of Canada and France.

Canada is really trying to establish itself in more ways than one. Its online casinos are not just offering blackjack. They are creating new opportunities for Canadians. A lot of people are finding it easier and easier to get the entertainment that they want within Canada. If Canadian films were better known, this would get even easier. The Canadian film industry has a lot of talent behind it, and this is something that people should recognize.

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