Making A Film in 48 Hours: Run & Gun 2015

Over the weekend, I was involved in a 48-hour film competition called Run & Gun hosted by This Is A Spoon Studios. The objective was to see how fast a group of filmmakers could get a film created, filmed, and edited within two days, or 48 hours, from Friday at 7 pm to Sunday at 7 pm.

Getting together with several associates  I had met at the Actor’s Drop-In, our plan was to come up with a concept and film it overnight, giving plenty of time for me to edit the whole thing — as I was the only editor.

First off, the team leader and the director went to the studio to pick up the guidelines and what they were required to use in the film. In most 48- or 72- hour film festivals, each short film is required to include a certain prop and a line, sometimes even be a certain genre. We needed to use a spoon, a pizza delivery person, and the words “We’ll need a bigger ___.” Since we all had some potential ideas a couple days earlier, our plan was to take one of the best ideas and work with it. One was an uninvited guest, which we instantly made into a story about a pizza delivery girl with a horror twist.

At first, the biggest fear was that we wouldn’t get everything we needed shot in time. Actually, we finished roughly an hour early and things worked out. Through all of Saturday, I got a good rough draft going and finally finished the last of it within six hours on Sunday.

The Team Leader and I submitted it around 4 pm, a bit earlier than everyone else (there were 16 other teams) and the organizers gave us a quick interview about how we handled the experience. The screening is on August 8 at 9pm in Rio Theatre if you want to check out what me and the team did. Our film is called Uninvited Guest.

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