VIFF (Day 14) why am I doing this?

14 days of watching movies, balancing my schedule, and writing articles out of my experiences. I can say a little more about today than yesterday at least.

Classified File – Based on actual events. In a town outside Seoul in South Korea, a detective has been pulled into a case where he must locate a missing little girl who got kidnapped. The kidnapper makes the girls family follow instructions day after day after day while they consult the police to do undercover work. And hire fortunetellers to divine if their daughter is still alive. South Korea has a fair amount of creepy messed up films, and when they’re based on true stories, they’re not as creepy, but can be unsettling depending on the subject matter.

Great Performances – Another mini-film fest, international, and this time all about dramatic or interesting performances. This didn’t have many short films, in fact it felt like this one was finished quicker than most. It was also annoying how the guy sitting next to me kept checking social media on his phone, but anyway, every film had an interesting actor doing something amazing. The ones I enjoyed mostly were Harvey’s Dream, a short film about how Harvey tells his wife about the scary dream he had, based on something Stephen King wrote. I also liked Injury Time, which was done in continuous shots and showed how a soccer team manager used a certain tactic to get his team to win. The most dramatic had to be The Moor which had an actor still stuck within his past as the theatre he works in is going out of business. I don’t think too many people were interested in this one. The audience was bleaker than any other screening I’ve been at, and the lights went on in the middle of it. Oh, and when that guy wasn’t looking at his phone, he was asleep.

Monty Python: The Meaning of Live All right, now we’re talking! For the first time in 34 years, a longtime favourite group of entertainers return with their over-the-top sketches and live events. A documentary showcasing their finest work along with their reunion tour. It featured Terry Gilliam, John Cleese, Terry Jones, Eric Idle, and Graham Chapman. This was a very interesting inside look on one of the best shows ever made. Though I personally think they should’ve shown more of the skits they did.

Right now, I’m trying to figure out other interesting movies to watch so I can wrap this up soon. Most of my experience has consisted of staring at large screens and eating movie snacks. This has messed me up a fair amount.

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