What’s the latest thing that people do nowadays? They broadcast themselves. That’s right, broadcasting. Youtube, Facebook, and other platforms have the live option which lets someone grab their phone and record themselves anywhere at all from their bedroom to any event they’re going to. But what if some people want to broadcast on anywhere else besides […]

Film Stock VS Digital

Kodak’s sales of motion picture film have declined by 96% in the last ten years. Last year they emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Fujifilm has left the film manufacturing business in the last couple years. Times are looking bleak for film. Like a vinyl record replaced by the CD, it does seem inevitable that […]

Unlimi-Tech’s FileCatalyst Chosen by TVTibi

(Via PRWeb) Unlimi-Tech Software of Ottawa has had some of its products picked up by Ready, Set, Sync!, the company behind TVTibi.  The chosen technology was FileCatalyst Direct, a suite of client and server applications that enable point to point accelerated file transfers at speeds of up to 10 Gbps, and FileCatalyst HotFolder, a desktop application […]