I, Daniel Blake (Review)

I, Daniel Blake is the cream of the crop of the completely played out misanthropic old man subgenre. So, how to review it? Put simply, not a lot of it will surprise you, but it contains the ability to easily please, thanks to what a lot of audiences find charming: lilting accents, old folks fed […]

Iridescence (Review)

Iridescence is an incredible show of ability. The actors, or, rather, the dancers who act, truly personify the guiding emotions with which they wrestle over the course of this eight minute short film.   Somehow, writer-director Maxime Beauchamp successfully depicts the story of a child who loses his mother, comes out of the closet, and […]

The Discovery (Review)

The Discovery would be a wasted effort without its last 20 minutes and its unique casting. Director and co-writer Charlie McDowell pulls pieces (down to casting the underrated Jesse Plemons and giving his female lead an attractive aloofness and imperfect dye job) from P.T.A.’s The Master, Alex Garland’s Ex Machina, and Charlie Kauffman’s Eternal Sunshine […]

Girlfriend’s Day (Review)

I made sure to pay attention to the credits this time. I wanted to see who’s behind this elaborate send up of the mystery-thriller genre, ingeniously infusing melodrama and murder into the world of holiday romance cards. The person’s name is Michael Stephenson. He wrote the film with Eric Hoffman (With Bob and David) and […]

Meek’s Cutoff (Review)

After seeing Certain Women, I sought out more of writer-director Kelly Reichardt’s films. One was and is available on Canadian Netflix: Meek’s Cutoff, a plodding depiction of life on the American frontier; no one can be trusted yet people band together when faced with deserts so flat and expansive they meet the horizon. At this […]

Never Happened (Review)

Canadian director Mark Slutsky makes a lot happen in his eight minute short Never Happened. A man and his pregnant wife say goodbye for the weekend as he’s off on a business trip with a (female) colleague. The short shifts back and forth between the events of the weekend and the man’s retelling of the […]