Houdini and Doyle in Production for Global in Toronto

(via CNW) Shaw Media has recently announced that production has started on a new drama called Houdini and Doyle. The series is produced by David Titcher, David Hoselton and David Shore as a Canada/UK treaty co-production from Shaftesbury and Big Talk Productions. Now shooting the final two episodes of its 10 in Toronto, the series will be finished by mid-December and begin its TV release  early next year on Global, as well as ITV and Fox.

Unlike the last two episodes currently being shot, the other eight episodes of Houdini and Doyle have been made in Manchester, UK.

Michael Weston stars as Harry Houdini, the magician and escape artist who was famous for escaping some of the most rigourous personal traps ever made. Working alongside him is Stephen Mangan as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of the (still) famous and popular series of  Sherlock Holmes books and short stories. The author and the magician share a huge interest in paranormal activity, but investigating together is something they aren’t entirely happy with. The two became a crime solving duo in 1901 Britain and Canada, where they investigate some of the world’s most difficult crimes. Joining them is Constable Adelaide Stratton, played by Rebecca Liddiard.

“Comprised of such a talented team of producers, writers, and actors, Houdini & Doyle will be a strong addition to Global’s 2016 lineup,” says Christine Shipton, the Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of Shaw Media. “We are thrilled to have this unique co-production film the final two episodes right here in Toronto.”

(Photo: hknong)

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