Coming soon in the New Year: Dark Harvest

It’s been 34 years since we heard from Cheech Marin in the form of a movie, and he’s finally coming back with Canadian produced film, Dark Harvest. While taking place here in Vancouver (or what some folks refer to as Canada’s bong due to all the drugs we got) where he met his longtime associate, Cheech is not working alongside Chong in this movie, but rather a majority of other people, namely James Huston, Tygh Runyan, Hugh Dillon, and AC Peterson, in an adventure about two marijuana growers, a narcotics officer, and marijuana’s legalization status. In his directorial debut, Hutson also stars as Carter, who works in the marijuana industry (James Hutson has even worked with marijuana in the past himself). Teaming up with narcotics investigator named Bernie (AC Peterson), the two go to find out who murdered Carter’s best friend, along with many other people in the weed industry. Carter’s mentor Ricardo (Cheech Marin) does not approve of this and tries to warn Carter of the potential dangers. Aside from being involved in one of the most crazy dangerous types of business of all time (marijuana sales) the officer and the grower also have to put their differences aside and figure out something that’s more dangerous than just some stolen drugs.

Thunderbird Entertainment will be releasing the film all around Canada on January 9, 2018 and will be going live on multiple platforms such as iTunes, Sony Playstation, VUDU, Google, and so much more. It has currently won 11 awards from 7 different film festivals. Already one of the most incredible sounding films as of yet, I recommend anyone to go out and see it, you don’t need a bag of the finest weed to watch it, but I’m sure it helps. Check out the trailer here to see what to expect from this amazing film.

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