BICOM opens special studio for Youtubers

(via CNW) Over the weekend on February 9, BICOM communications launched a studio space simply known as Studio B. Located in Montreal over at 5425 Casgrain Ave, this space is open and free to 30 YouTubers in the community who have been given four months to use it for working on their series and short films, collaborating, meeting with fans, and get involved in workshops about making videos.

The workshops will consist of two speakers who share their experiences as well as tips for YouTubers to keep their content entertaining for their subscribers. Among the participating YouTubers will be art directors, marketing managers, specialists in branding, and digital promotion consultants. To make things more interesting, one of the YouTubers will be chosen at random (once per every studio opening) to host their own meet and greet in the open space giving them a chance for their subscribers to meet them.

BICOM was originally created in 2006 by Vicky Boudreau and Marie-Noelle Hamelin who originated this company as a public relations company and help specialize in lifestyle.

Any YouTubers living within the area of Montreal should check out this rare exclusive opportunity in hopes of collaborating with other local YouTubers as well as getting a chance to increase the possibility of being more widely viewed and known.

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