3 Upcoming Movies for the weekend.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. – An action comedy directed by Guy Ritchie, the director of Snatch and Sherlock Holmes. An updated version of the classic series from the 1960s, which took place during the cold war, two men from opposite agencies are required to team up and stop a worldwide criminal organization from taking over the world with technology. (Hasn’t this kind of plot been done to the death? I swear something similar was released just a week or so ago) But if they are to take out this organization, they must find the leader, a German scientist, so they can put an end to the organization and save the world. Looking at the trailer and posters for this movie, it’s perfect for anyone who is a fan of James Bond.

Straight Outta Compton Oh, another biography/musical movie. Great. Taking place around the mid ’80s in Compton, California, a hazardous place where many gangs live. Five gangsters turn all their life experiences into music explaining what it was it like to grow up in a world of danger. This movie tells how these young musicians gave a strong voice to their generation of silence and also changed music and pop culture, advancing it. Definitely keep the kids away, but those interested in rap and hip-hop should check this out.

Beyond the Mask An action drama by Chad Burns, the director of Pendragon: Sword of his Father. In this movie, Will Reynolds of the British East India Company has been betrayed and now has American Colonists going after him. Will hasn’t exactly been good to the woman of his dreams and he also wants to set things straight to avoid being chased for the rest of his life, so he chooses a disguise: A mask. But with his past catching up with him, Will must learn to trust his closest connections and stop one of the biggest historical plots of all time. Looks like fun for the whole family.

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