The Abs•Tract: Core Philosophy (Review)

In a complex world where relaxation, concentration, and exercising are considerably difficult, there is a new revolutionary new product to help with all these issues. It’s called the Abs•Tract and it not only implements brain exercises but it makes you more fit. In other words, all you have to do is think and you get ripped. But it’s more than just thinking you can get it done. The process is more difficult than it looks, and a tour of the company shows just how it works. CEO David Vitruvius (Vincent Dangerfield) and the executives spend time discussing and thinking of mind advancing methods.

However, one employee named Luc (Luc Rivard) is unsure of these methods and doesn’t completely understand Abs•Tract. Which is sort of the point. As the series advances, Luc gets proper training from an expert named Adam Kadmon (Brent Cooper) who shows him how to get everybody in their complicated world to actually see how this works and so they can get super fit as well.

As you can imagine, this is a web series showing life changing methods through interesting philosophies such as con-fusion and metaphorce. The editing is done pretty well even if the title sequences look like basic iMovie titles, the effects are pretty cool, the acting is genuine and the idea of the whole story is  creative once you think about it. Still I found it kind of weird and it took some serious concentration to understand some things. Granted, I don’t know if it’s really possible to get ripped via this method, but focusing does help with most issues in life. Worth a try, go ahead. Metaphorce be with you.

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