Top 5 Keanu Reeves Films

The career of Keanu Reeves has been a long and storied one, to say the very least. Beginning his career in the 1986 drama film Flying, Reeves has since established himself as a mainstay of Hollywood cinema, particularly in the action genre, and for very good reason. To address the elephant in the room though, […]

Ranking Each Season of Fargo

In 1996 brothers Joel and Ethan Coen released Fargo, their own dark, idiosyncratic spin on the thriller genre, which won them their first Oscar, and continues to be a staple of their robust filmography. 18 years later, the like-minded master of quirk that is Noah Hawley adapted Fargo into a critically acclaimed television series which […]

My Top 5 Jim Carrey Roles

While he never really went away as such, Jim Carrey has been experiencing something of a renaissance in his acting career as of late. The legendary Canadian actor and comedian, who often combines both disciplines to create his own signature brand of performance, has limited his leading roles in recent years, performing in 6 major […]

Daddy Issues – Review

When a film opens in a way that immediately, if briefly, introduces you to an endearingly quirky main character, while also highlighting the director’s sharp eye and unique style, you know you’re in for a treat. But when you find that this short scene is capped off with a jaw-dropping wide shot of the amber-tinted […]

Sweet Virginia (Review)

It’s past midnight in a quiet Alaskan town as three friends meet in a bar for a friendly game of after-hours poker. Conversation shifts from politics to business, their rhetoric growing bolder with each drink. Despite the boyish pleasantries, there has been an intangible air of disquiet from the onset, but then enters its embodiment, […]