Exclusive – A Legacy Of Whining Part I

exclusiveA Legacy Of Whining is a buddy movie that has a universal familiarity. Two best friends are reunited after thirty years. Mitch, played by actor Ross Munro, picks up his best friend Dunc from the airport and wants nothing more than to sit in a quiet coffee shop and catch up on old times. He reveals to Dunc, played by actor Robert David Duncan, that he has been chasing success as an actor since they last seen each other. He explains that he has a very important audition in the morning that he cannot miss.

Dunc talks him into having a little fun and stepping outside his comfort zone. After exhausting his efforts to sustain Dunc’s interest in the retelling of their childhood friendship, Mitch is persuaded to visit a bordello for some adult fun. What ensues afterward is just another chapter in the book of buddy bonding.

This feature film was entirely funded by husband and wife team, Ross and Maria Munro. Ross wrote, directed and acted in it. Maria produced, was costume designer and art director.

Ross had made an earlier short film that was well received at VIFF,  which prompted him to make a feature. Having been a former film student from a Toronto in the 80’s, Ross has great passion for the industry. Maria has also got the bug and together they are certain to have many more productions in the can.

The world premiere is planned for April.

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