Stephanie Braganza’s New Video Untamed Down

(Via Fair warning: the video below has been “considered a little extreme as it almost read like a horror story” according to its creators. Well, it does feature a singing severed head on a platter.

It’s Stephanie Braganza’s international single and video “When We Last Kissed”, released today to Hot AC and Top 40 radio in Canada. The video features urban artist Drega and was directed by Award winning singer-songwriter Skye Sweetnam. As for that quasi-horror story, it was written by Ms. Braganza and Colin Stewart.

“A lot of people were really wanting to tame it down,” recalls Ms. Braganza, “but Skye was very interested in going with the idea and being really creative with it. She worked a lot of magic and really made the story happen.”

The video marks a departure from her earlier 2 Good 2 Be, which is more a mix of realism and lighthearted fantasy, beginning with the singer simply arriving at an airport and driving home. The fantasy makes a brief return in When We Last Kissed, as we see Ms. Braganza in a sunny garden — though maybe it’s a little ominous that she’s painting white flowers red. The little dog featured in 2 Good 2 Be also shows up in this sequence.

(Stay tuned for “Nara: A Review”, Nick Wangersky’s look at an adult thriller where a very vocal severed head also has a role.)

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