Wonderful Wayneys, Federal Funding, Revenant Reveal

(Via CNW) Tired of perfect TV families? So is Emmett Wayney, and he’s a member of one. They’re the focus of Family Channel’s new original comedy series The Wonderful Wayneys, filming in Toronto starting on July 27th. The show stars Molly Ringwald and Jason Priestley as the seemingly perfect parents of five children — Mom’s even written a bestseller on parenting. But Emmett (youngest brother of Adam, Conner, Bentley and Derek), an average kid, frequently comes up with plans that endanger his family’s reputation, not to mention their safety.  From Aircraft Pictures and Dolphin Entertainment, The Wonderful Wayneys will deliver 26 half-hour episodes to DHX Television for Spring 2016.

(Via Marketwired) The Feds are getting busy — in Winnipeg today it was announced that the non-profit professional organization On Screen Manitoba will receive Federal funding of $3,893,765 to support trade and investment initiatives for Manitoba’s conventional linear, television and film, and interactive digital media, gaming and apps, industries. (Via CNW) The CRTC, meanwhile, wants Canadians to share “new and innovative solutions that could help them manage unsolicited telecommunications and illegitimate telemarketing calls” in their new public consultation, here.

And a trailer for The Revenant  — shot in Alberta using only natural light — has been released. (Thank you, CBC.)

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