What’s the latest thing that people do nowadays? They broadcast themselves. That’s right, broadcasting. Youtube, Facebook, and other platforms have the live option which lets someone grab their phone and record themselves anywhere at all from their bedroom to any event they’re going to. But what if some people want to broadcast on anywhere else besides those platforms? There’s an app for that. For multiple platforms, comes the very exclusive PocketLIVE. With 350-500 livestreams happening daily producing over 20,000 hours of new footage, PocketLIVE is successful in having over 10,000 users each day and in having over 100k users. It isn’t even a year old yet. Most people use it on phones and other mobile devices, but it’s available for computers too despite the fact they don’t fit in the pocket. PocketLIVE lets you entertain a wide variety of audience and it lets you receive monetization in the form of digital gifts.

A concept originally thought up by Steven Dai, who had the idea of making a creative platform that would be used to create talent, fanbases, and even make connections with lots of amazing and creative content. As a plus, PocketLIVE also shows users how to connect more through social media with helpful tips. So far, PocketLIVE has already helped sponsor many events such as Van Web Fest, New York Fashion Week, VIDCON, Art Battle, Cinequest Film Festival, and so much more. I’m excited to see just how much more it will expand.


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