Mommy (Review)

Mommy, Xavier Dolan’s 2014 film, retreads the same ground I Killed My Mother successfully tackled. “Steve” is a troubled youth, and his equally troubled mother, “Die”, struggles to make ends meet. Correctional institutions, teenage rebelliousness, and miscommunication again influence these characters, both of whom feel like half-baked versions of I Killed My Mother’s own difficult […]

I Killed My Mother (Review)

Xavier Dolan’s directorial debut is a mixture of teenage angst, foresight, empathy, and most importantly it’s a work that is semi-autobiographical. I Killed My Mother is the story of a 17-year-old, conflicted young man. He is a child of divorce, he’s gay, and as you probably guessed, he and his mother are at odds. Despite […]

A New High for Canada

Canada and its film industry have received considerable attention in the last two years, first with the Oscar-nominated film Room, starring Brie Larson and the young Jacob Tremblay, and more recently at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, where French-Canadian writer-director Xavier Dolan’s film It’s Only the End of the World won the Grand Prix and […]

Relief and Real Film at Cannes

It’s well known by now that Xavier Dolan said it was a “relief” to win the Grand Prix at Cannes for Juste la fin du monde — after what some critics had to say about it — but he also says it’s enough for now, reports Morgan Lowrie of the Canadian Press (via CTV). Dolan […]

Canada at Cannes 2016

(Via CNW) Once again, Canada will have a chance to shine at Cannes this year. Telefilm Canada wants to highlight some of this year’s talent on display; as Executive Director Carolle Brabant says, “Today, we want to thank these men and women for literally making our cinema.” They include writer/director Xavier Dolan, headed to Cannes […]