Alternate Routes (Series Review)

A Canadian produced series about exploring different places that make amazing vacation spots. Not just  in Canada, but places throughout the world including Guatemala, Costa Rica, Miami, New York, Yucatan, Western Canada and so much more. Every episode features insider interviews with vacationers, tourists, and even locals as they talk about the fun times to […]

Hitman 101 (Series Review)

Created by Scott Staven, Hitman 101 chronicles a week’s worth of adventures of a man (Georgie Daburas) who goes by the name of John Smith and assassinates certain targets as required by an unconfirmed source. In the beginning, he simply murders a toy collecting nerd in his condo and takes it over. From there on, […]

VWF: An Incredible Display

This year’s Vancouver Web Fest had incredible web series on display, and it seemed much more busy and productive than last year. As this was a web fest, Internet series from platforms such as YouTube and other video hosting sites were featured in the showcases from many different countries (you have to expand outside of […]