Meditation Park (VIFF Review)

Named after a park in Vancouver. A small park, really. Filmed around a different park in Vancouver. A larger park, really. The story really takes place inside a Chinese family household where everything is pretty typical. Bing (Tzi Ma) is having his 65th birthday celebration, and he’s got almost all the family there to support […]

Paterson (VIFF Review)

Jim Jarmusch always works style over structure; however that doesn’t mean style over substance. In Paterson, all we get is substance. Adam Driver plays Paterson, a bus driver living in Paterson, whose bus route runs Paterson Street. He’s also a private poet – private because despite the support his dutiful, sunny wife Laura (Golshifteh Farahani) […]

The Law of Moments (review)

The Law of Moments is an unusual family drama, one that’s reminiscent of the budding relationships between family and friends explored in movies like Peter Jackson’s Heavenly Bodies. Both that movie and this one differ in their conclusions, but The Law of Moments’ writer-director Emma Samms employs the same dreamy effects and staging that turn […]