Lord Jones is Dead (Review)

Directed by Vancouver’s own Austin Andrews and Andrew Holmes, Lord Jones Is Dead is like the Office Space of print journalism. Two journalists and a photographer wait outside a house that may or may not be where the mistress of a local politician lives. Despite one journalist and the photographer working for one paper, and […]

A Wealth of Production

This season proves that Vancouver is still one of the most popular cities in which to shoot. All the way from superhero series to alternative history series set up camp here and use the city’s forests and shores to create their worlds. The recent change in tax advantage given to any international production companies that […]

Cinema Spectacular Third Edition

One of the big struggles about the film industry is basic money making and getting your movie out there. One of the great ways to support films though is simply by watching them at events such as Vancouver’s Cinema Spectacular. The event host Laurel Brown talked about funding challenges before the show, making it evident why […]

The High Road (Review)

Hailing from the creative minds of T-Stop Media, The High Road tells the story of a young man named Charlie (Remould Hivert) who enjoys working at a homeless shelter called the Gathering Place, where he gives out medications to the individuals of the community who, well, are unable to afford housing. Even less able than […]