VIFF (Day 15) almost done…

As the days count down, so do the screenings. One theatre already isn’t screening anything anymore. A bit of slip-up that happened, but anyways… Our Little Sister – Three adult sisters (Sachi, Yoshino, Chika) live together in a large house, dealing with each other’s respective personalities. When their father dies, they head to the funeral out […]

VIFF (Day 14) why am I doing this?

14 days of watching movies, balancing my schedule, and writing articles out of my experiences. I can say a little more about today than yesterday at least. Classified File – Based on actual events. In a town outside Seoul in South Korea, a detective has been pulled into a case where he must locate a […]

Borealis (Review)

I have never seen anything like this. Almost didn’t think it was a comedy at first, but it slowly evolves when you least expect it. The movie starts out with a poker game. Jonah (Jonas Chernick), a gambling addict, is trying to work things out with his associates as he has a huge debt that […]

VIFF (Day 12) Gradually Winding Down

Seems as if there’s not much to see nowadays. It’s only a few more days though. These ones were pretty much decided in advance right after leaving work and running errands. Love, Pain and the Whole Damn Thing – Not exactly a full length feature, rather a small collection of international shorts from around the […]

Five More from VIFF

Fire Song – High-school graduate Shane had plans to move out of his small city to Toronto and university. But his sister killed herself, thus making his mother spiral into an uncontrollable depression. Once again, another adolescent/young adult film where plot is somewhat lacking and slightly muddled with an unexpected ending. Still was pretty interesting […]