News: 19, 20, Another Step (Video)

Over on Refugees Deeply Asha and Roda Siad bring up the topic of a documentary that discusses the problems and lifestyle of refugees who have migrated to Canada, (via A Windsor filmmaker in California makes a 20 minute film about the dangers of rape as he believes Brock Turner’s consequences should be more extreme, (via […]

Family Premieres New Series on July 1

(Via CNW) Coming up this summer is pop culture series, We Are Savvy. Based off the YouTube series of the same name, the show stars Tehya Silbermann, Sarah Webber, and Spencer Barbosa, who despite having many different interests from each other, have similar interests in making a YouTube series. What happens in their online series turned TV […]

News Today (Video)

(via Marketwired) MADD Canada has a new school program starting off with a film that explains the dangerous hazards of drinking and driving, and Broadcaster Magazine brings up the story of how a National Geographic show Border Security got canceled after filming a Vancouver construction worker without  permission.