Fly (Review)

What is it with these foreign types of films distributed by Travelling? I can see why they have that name. The movies have me traveling to figure out so much. Geez. Our film stars Amy Sobol as a geeky girl. And she looks an awful lot like Ugly Betty or some geeky girl you probably […]

L’appartement (Review)

Renovations are fun. Well, maybe not. It’s been so long since I’ve watched anything from Quebec let alone Travelling Distribution, and so I figured this could be a nice start. Our short film begins with a young woman (Evelyne Brochu) who is, of course, renovating her apartment. First off, she starts putting up some new […]

Maisons Modeles (Review)

Maisons Modeles, a foreign film with a dramatic genre, because, hey, I don’t review an awful lot these days. Anyone is probably guessing which distributor uploaded this and chances are it’s going to be another weird review. Our film starts out at 5 in the morning as our protagonist, Alex (Charles Sirard-Blouin) decides he’d rather […]

L’Hiver et la Violence (Review)

Six Snowboarders, One Hill, Many Obstacles and Dangers. This little documentary tells the slight story about these young teenagers and their winter wonderland adventures. More like deadly risky dares. Sophie Dupuis takes her camera crew to follow the adventures of John, Phil, Val, Coco, Sebass, and Laurence And the adventures are basically just stunts and youth […]

Suivre la piste du renard (Review)

Follow the Fox, but to where? Probably to a movie that actually doesn’t seem awkward. This is the story of Richard (Francis La Haye) and Clement (Mathieu Gosselin), two brothers on a journey through Canada to raise money in an interesting method. Clement drives his red pickup while Richard pedals on his bicycle ahead without […]

Le Pedophile (Review)

Okay, I know I wished for Travelling to be less weird and more artsy, but was this one really necessary? That’s what I asked at first when I discovered the title of this film. After we get an English speaking woman and a French speaking woman screaming at each other (I don’t know why, ok?) […]