Telefilm FTW, and Transitioning

(via CBC) Independent Filmmaker in Vancouver explains why she chose the film industry. Director and Screenwriter Mina Shum explains in a video interview that the decision she made for making the transition into the movie business wasn’t the easiest decision ever. Shum’s work includes Ninth Floor, a documentary about how students accused a professor of […]

12 New Films Get Telefilm Funding

Telefilm Canada is supporting 12 new English-language film projects through its Canada Feature Film Fund, it announced yesterday. More than $8 million has been invested. Featuring several coming-of-age stories, the 12 films are: Hunting Pignut (Martine Blue) — What’s Pignut? Who, actually — a friend of 15-year-old Bernice’s late father. And he’s made off with […]

Crew Call and Two from Telefilm

MFM announces an urgent crew call for labourers tomorrow and Saturday, loading and unloading in Sudbury and Toronto and traveling in between. As you can guess, this is an all-day job and you need to be pretty fit. Details here. (Via PRNewsWire) Telefilm has released its report Audiences in Canada: Trend Report which has some […]