Sleeping Giant (Full Review)

I thought I’d get a little more into detail about what happens in Sleeping Giant as it was probably the best movie I’ve seen so far. Like all adolescence-based movies, we start with our protagonist having fun with his buddies. Adam (Jackson Martin) is vacationing at Lake Superior with his family, leading a simple life. […]

VIFF (Day 7) Regaining Brain Power

Just realized I might’ve thrown off a few people with the titles of the last two articles I wrote. I managed to cool down with a slight break after three movies. Aimed strictly for some BC Spotlight movies this time around, but started off with a random one that was closest to me. Lost and […]

TIFF Sees Sales, Sets Record

The TIFF award recipients weren’t the only winners at the Festival this year — it’s also reporting record highs for industry attendance and also strong film sales. As TIFF Artistic Director Cameron Bailey put it in a media release, “[I]ndustry professionals who attend the Festival are provided with the opportunities, tools and information they need […]