#WFF18: Freezing Fun Films

In the labyrinth-like village of Whistler, it’s not often an event comes like this. It does only come once a year, after all. This year’s was absolute fun and not because of skiing, snowboarding, or whatever anyone does in Whistler when they’re not doing stuff on the mountain. Whistler Film Festival has extended with a […]

Pas de deux: A Review

A vintage Canadian short that was suggested to me by a friend in the film industry is Pas de deux, a 1968 dance film directed by the legendary Norman McLaren, and produced by the National Film Board of Canada. Photographed in high contrast with shots of ballerina silhouettes recurring in rhythm to the beat of […]

Apocalypse Story: A Review

Apocalypse Story, by Jeffrey P. Nesker,  is about someone trying to figure out who exactly they are, even after the world has been destroyed. It starts with our protagonist Claire, walking through the ruins of Ontario looking for whatever she can find to help her survive. Singing in French (is she from Quebec?), she enters Toronto. […]