Splice (Review)

Have you ever rewatched a film you haven’t seen in a long time, only to find you have a very different opinion of it the second time around? I certainly have, and I almost always come away feeling disappointed with both the film and my younger self. Vincenzo Natali’s Splice, on the contrary, is a […]

My Top 5 Canadian Directors

Canadian cinema possesses an undeniably longstanding tradition, and has been home to some of the most significant and influential figures working in the industry today. Here is my list of the Top 5 Canadian Directors:   James Cameron   I begin with one of the most predictable entries on my list, which may aggravate some, […]

Take This Waltz (Review)

Emotional human connection is arguably one of the most difficult aspects of a drama to believably pull off. When all is said and done, it requires at least a trifecta from the writer, director and actors. Sarah Polley and her leads achieved just this in Polley’s 2006 writing and directing debut, Away From Her, and […]

Away From Her (Review)

Empathy is an essential aspect of life; one that allows us to relate to the emotions of others, even if their emotional state is something beyond that of our own experiences. Part of cinema’s magic, then, lies in its ability to grant greater insight into these experiences through its characters and the accompanying narrative. This […]

Stories We Tell (Review)

Just when you think you have the format of genre all figured out, there comes along a film that toys with its structure either to great success, or damning failure. The former is true of Sarah Polley’s 2012 film Stories We Tell, a mesmerising documentary that seems to revolve around the life, loves, and flamboyant […]