Karate Kids (Review)

Derek Lamb’s Karate Kids wasn’t what I expected. Back in the 1990s there were films aimed at young audiences which focused on topics considered too extreme for kids nowadays. Taking place in a generic third world country, the movie tells a fictional story about two kids named Mario and Pedro who meet by chance at […]

Good News About The Bad Mother (With Video)

(Via CNW) Black Women Film! holds its official launch this evening. The name of this new leadership program says it all — it’s designed to help “emerging filmmakers and media artists who are Black female identified of the Canadian African diaspora to forward their careers and practices in filmmaking.” The intense program of workshops and […]

New Project Seances Released, Now Available Online (With Video)

Created by Guy Maddin and the NFB, Seances is a new storytelling narrative that shows lost silent films as reimagined “never-to-be-repeated configurations” — and then they’re destroyed, never to be seen again. The films are reworks of classics by Alfred Hitchcock, Jaques Feyder, Alice Guy‐Blaché, Alexander Dovzhenko, Benjamin Fondane and many other filmmakers. (Many filmmakers of […]

The Devil at Your Heels (Review with Video)

Do limits exist for a reason? Is that reason just to tell someone they can’t do something, because of injury, or because it’s just completely impossible? Is irresponsibility the right way to make a living? Well, Daredevil Ken Carter certainly thought so in this 1981 documentary. Robert Fortier covers every aspect of the story of […]

NFB @ Hot Docs

Hot Docs 2016 got underway Friday in TO with City of Gold and The Brainwashing of My Dad (which David Berry says can be summarized “Have you ever heard of Fox News?”) Also on offer this year are a total of 10 productions from the National Film Board. Here’s a small sample: Angry Inuk (NFB/ […]