Days to Remember

19 Days, a short (half-hour) documentary about refugees at at the  Margaret Chisholm Resettlement Centre in Calgary, is streaming free at the NFB site, the ever well-informed Eric Volmers of The Calgary Herald reports. The NFB also has an interview with the filmmakers, the Siad sisters Asha and Roda, who came to Canada as refugees […]

Juke-Bar (Review)

While Indieflix has run dry for me, I’ve had to find an alternative. I thought “Hey, maybe I won’t get so much weirdness now that Traveling is out of my reviews.” Boy, was I wrong. I still end up finding stuff that’s weirder than usual. And I’m not talking weird as Traveling. I’m talking much […]

Bate’s Car: Sweet as a Nut (Review)

Well, since everything else I tried to look at today was too weird to transcribe, I went for something a little more simple sounding and ancient. As one may have guessed, this is a film about a car. Mr. Bate’s car slowly drives along the narrow road surrounded by large trees. Bate talks about why […]