The Dishwasher (Review)

With Telus Storyhive coming around again, it seems only necessary that I review a submission that has come out recently. The short is none other than The Dishwasher, by Matt David Johnson. Now I know what you’re thinking, why would anyone want to see some film about an appliance. That’s ridiculous. Why would you think […]

And Him (Review with Video)

A comedy made in Alberta, this short features a guy (Jordan Bloemen) narrating the story of a family. We have a compassionate mother (Gloria Letwin), a creative father (Neil Waugh), their son (Alistair Waugh) who is a doctor, and HIM. By him I mean the brother who is incapable of doing much at all. He tries […]

Bait (Review with Video)

Sometimes I wonder if I’m potential bait for these movies I scope out and review. Or sometimes I wonder if it’s the other way around. Based off a real life experience, our film consists of two individuals, Amelia and Tommy, who sit together discussing how a girl named Krista is heading away on vacation, leaving […]

The Trap (Review)

It’s a trap! Sorry, I had to. I’ve always wanted to say that overused meme in one of my reviews. A shocking thrilling short film about a woman named Audrey (Jovanna Burke) who intends to go on a quest. What kind of quest? An escape from her husband, Marvin (Josh Blacker). Yup, he’s abusive. There’s […]

The Woman in White (Review)

Two unlikely people sharing one bond between them. The funny thing is this film reminds me of pretty much almost every single conversation I’ve had with just about anybody. It begins when a man named Patrick comes stumbling through a snowy forest area coming straight into a park where a little girl named Michelle sits […]

Up in a Plane (Review)

It’s been hard to find anything worth watching ever since I ran out of stuff to look at on Indieflix. Fortunately, the filmmakers of NSI have provided plenty of quick and simple shorts that are easy to review. Written, directed, and produced by Rachel Moore is this slightly odd yet meaningful animation. While it has […]