New Project Seances Released, Now Available Online (With Video)

Created by Guy Maddin and the NFB, Seances is a new storytelling narrative that shows lost silent films as reimagined “never-to-be-repeated configurations” — and then they’re destroyed, never to be seen again. The films are reworks of classics by Alfred Hitchcock, Jaques Feyder, Alice Guy‐Blaché, Alexander Dovzhenko, Benjamin Fondane and many other filmmakers. (Many filmmakers of […]


The NFB is getting on board with the trend to subscription video-on-demand (SVOD). The NFB Shorts page at Vimeo offers unlimited viewing for $4.99  a month. Fourteen films are up as of now, including Cordell Barker’s If I Was God, which played at the LA Shorts Fest, and Mike Maryniuk’s Home Cooked Music, a selection at […]

Buster Keaton Rides Again (Review)

I know I’m a bit late to the deathiversary of Buster Keaton, but I’ve been busy on other things. This is a very old documentary made in 1965 telling the story of how Buster Keaton started his successfully funny movie job. The documentary starts focusing on British-Canadian Gerald Potterton’s NFB film The Railrodder. Keaton and […]

NFB launches 5 Shorts Project

Starting today, a new initiative from the National Film Board of Canada has been launched, called The 5 Shorts Project. This short doc collection was created by production centres all through Quebec such as indie film company Spira and many others in collaboration with NFB. Partnering with Spira has proven to be successful with NFB as […]