Days to Remember

19 Days, a short (half-hour) documentary about refugees at at the  Margaret Chisholm Resettlement Centre in Calgary, is streaming free at the NFB site, the ever well-informed Eric Volmers of The Calgary Herald reports. The NFB also has an interview with the filmmakers, the Siad sisters Asha and Roda, who came to Canada as refugees […]

Juke-Bar (Review)

While Indieflix has run dry for me, I’ve had to find an alternative. I thought “Hey, maybe I won’t get so much weirdness now that Traveling is out of my reviews.” Boy, was I wrong. I still end up finding stuff that’s weirder than usual. And I’m not talking weird as Traveling. I’m talking much […]

Bate’s Car: Sweet as a Nut (Review)

Well, since everything else I tried to look at today was too weird to transcribe, I went for something a little more simple sounding and ancient. As one may have guessed, this is a film about a car. Mr. Bate’s car slowly drives along the narrow road surrounded by large trees. Bate talks about why […]

Karate Kids (Review)

Derek Lamb’s Karate Kids wasn’t what I expected. Back in the 1990s there were films aimed at young audiences which focused on topics considered too extreme for kids nowadays. Taking place in a generic third world country, the movie tells a fictional story about two kids named Mario and Pedro who meet by chance at […]

Wild Life (Review)

Yeehaw! Git along now, pardners! It’s not often I come across a short that happens to be done in Western style. This here quaint lil cartoon takes place in 1909 Alberta at what seems like a ghost town. Our star is an Englishman voiced by Adam Blackwood with a happy desire to enjoy his own […]

Good News About The Bad Mother (With Video)

(Via CNW) Black Women Film! holds its official launch this evening. The name of this new leadership program says it all — it’s designed to help “emerging filmmakers and media artists who are Black female identified of the Canadian African diaspora to forward their careers and practices in filmmaking.” The intense program of workshops and […]