Looking North and Looking Ahead

(Via CNW) Chloe and Theo, starring Igloolik Elder Mr. Theo Ikummaq (also, BTW, Dakota Johnson and Mira Sorvino) will make its first  “Green carpet” appearance at Kiss the Earth, a national event taking place in the remote, fly-in Nunavut community of Igloolik. The 2015 comedy-drama from Spotlight Pictures follows New York street dweller Chloe and […]

Churchill’s Island: A Documentary Review

On National Canadian Film Day, I decided to dwell in history and check out a film from 1941, streaming free on the NFB site.  Churchill’s Island is a war themed documentary. This film explains the entire Battle of Britain, showing the multiple forces around the island as well as the huge battle between the Royal […]

Looking Back on NCFD 2015

We told you yesterday about some of the National Canadian Film Day events being held all across the country in celebration of our people and their filmmaking accomplishments. Here are some more notes and quotes from the big day. “More days like this will help us not to need days like this,” says Patricia Rozema, […]