Léolo (Review)

For a short period after my first viewing of the 1992 film Léolo, the final feature from Montreal director Jean-Claude Lauzon, my impressions were left in what I can only describe as a temporary state of limbo. I was left uncertain of my discernment, having noticed a comingling of various tones and subject matter which, […]

Suivre la piste du renard (Review)

Follow the Fox, but to where? Probably to a movie that actually doesn’t seem awkward. This is the story of Richard (Francis La Haye) and Clement (Mathieu Gosselin), two brothers on a journey through Canada to raise money in an interesting method. Clement drives his red pickup while Richard pedals on his bicycle ahead without […]

Le Pedophile (Review)

Okay, I know I wished for Travelling to be less weird and more artsy, but was this one really necessary? That’s what I asked at first when I discovered the title of this film. After we get an English speaking woman and a French speaking woman screaming at each other (I don’t know why, ok?) […]

Le MIAFF/ANIMAZE Coming to Montreal

(Via CNW) The  ANIMAZE/Le Montreal International Animation Film Festival[will run April 16-19 at, and near, Concordia University. It’s Montreal’s first to be exclusively focused on animation in both cinema and technology. More than just a film festival, it also offers industry conferences, and the MIAFF’s promotion of linkages between Montreal-based animators and related specialists, as well […]