Exclusive – Shane Brar’s Atone

Many times we have watched the news only to discover that another small company has been forced to close their doors because they can’t compete with big business. Housing prices have made it impossible for anyone that isn’t a millionaire to buy. Farmers work harder and longer and still get gouged by the competition. How […]

Exclusive – Becoming Burlesque

There are many ways to tell a story. Before there was language there was cave drawings. With the advent of language, society evolved and order followed. Evolution became focused on growing food, building homes, forming government and creating laws. Civilization became all business and no pleasure. We had no idea what we were missing, because […]

The Red Man Interview

A number of weeks ago I reviewed The Red Man, the debut feature film by writer and director Jimmie Gonzalez, a surrealist mystery film, depicting the apparent mental decline of a successful DJ who believes he is uncovering a conspiracy involving ritualistic practices. I fortunately had the chance to catch up with Canadian DJ and […]