1999 (Review)

A drama that focuses on Tamil immigrants, trying to adjust to their new lives in Canada. The film starts out with four guys in a car, heading down the street, while hip-hop music plays. After nearly five minutes of driving, the gang follows the driver of a delivery car to their home and demands he […]

Paparmane (Review)

Paparmane (or Wintergreen) is a rather somber film. It stars a depressed young man named Jerome (Steve Laplante). His job consists of collecting pricey parking fees, if anybody actually shows up at all. One girl named Camille, who does singing telegrams, hands him the money complaining it’s expensive for being the only available parking lot. […]

Kick Me Down: A Review

Kick Me Down is a dramatic comedy about a man named Percy Crease who falls in love with his brother Darren’s wife. In the beginning, Percy goes over to see Darren and his wife, Karen. Darren is trying to get his wife to help him with a problem, but Karen refuses to get involved. Recently, […]