Movies for the weekend: Comedy and Chaos

Zootopia – This should keep the kids entertained. Another movie about talking animals doing strange things with lots of pop culture references. This story focuses on a small rabbit named Judy Hoops who wants to work as law enforcement at the local zoo, but all the other animals are bigger and tougher so she is […]

Comedys and Drama, not dramedy though

Fifty Shades of Black – The title sounds an awful lot like my wardrobe. Anyways, this is a sequel mockery of the famous movie which was adapted from a book about what not to do during sex. In this feature, an inexperienced college student named Hannah (Jane Seymour) has to interview multi-millionaire Christian Black (Marlon […]

Family moments and 5 waves

Dirty Grandpa – Zac Efron plays the role of Jason Kelly, who is on the verge of becoming part of his boss’s law firm. How does he get that? By marrying his boss’s daughter within the week. But then things get interrupted when Jason has to drive his grandpa Dick to Daytona for spring break. […]

Light volume of films for the weekend

The Revenant – Starring Leonardo DiCaprio as American hunter Hugh Glass, and taking place in the cold snowy regions of the wilderness. Glass gets abandoned by his teammate John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) who severely wounds him and then leaves him for dead. Glass can only rely on his own will as a weapon to brave […]

More Movies for New Year Weekend

The Hateful Eight – Taking place sometime after the Civil War, two enemies known as John Ruth (Kurt Russell) and Daisy Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh) are heading to the town of Red Rock, only to come across bounty hunter Major Marquis Warren (Samuel L. Jackson) and Southern renegade Chris Mannix (Walton Goggins). As a blizzard […]