My First Encounter with Guy Maddin

It is not always easy to identify a film’s director by simply observing the way in which it is filmed. Influence begets influence, and so the pioneering techniques developed by cinematic visionaries are later adopted and modified by others, shaping what is the cinema of today. However, there are filmmakers whose cinematic style is immediately […]

New Project Seances Released, Now Available Online (With Video)

Created by Guy Maddin and the NFB, Seances is a new storytelling narrative that shows lost silent films as reimagined “never-to-be-repeated configurations” — and then they’re destroyed, never to be seen again. The films are reworks of classics by Alfred Hitchcock, Jaques Feyder, Alice Guy‐Blaché, Alexander Dovzhenko, Benjamin Fondane and many other filmmakers. (Many filmmakers of […]