Exclusive – Shane Brar’s Atone

Many times we have watched the news only to discover that another small company has been forced to close their doors because they can’t compete with big business. Housing prices have made it impossible for anyone that isn’t a millionaire to buy. Farmers work harder and longer and still get gouged by the competition. How […]

Exclusive – Building A Field Of Dreams

In the film industry, opportunity is rare. You can choose to wait and hope for it, or you can do what Carolyn Bridget Kennedy did and create a web series starring yourself. Living in Calgary, Alberta, there aren’t a large variety of productions shot there. Without moving to Vancouver or Toronto, wanting to work in […]

Exclusive – Oliver’s Bowl Part I

No matter how you slice it, if you’re making films, you are a filmmaker. If that film is three hours or three minutes, you made it for the purpose of telling a story, making a point, or for entertaining an audience for a time. I’ve never met a writer that tackles a feature as their […]