DOXA Review – Illusions of Control

Climate change is an important thing. Not just here, but also around the world. In many different areas, climate change has an interesting kind of effect on whatever environment one lives in. While the effects may vary, they all have the exact same outcome, a disaster for everyone that has to be taken care of […]

DOXA: No Man’s Land – Review

At what point does a political protest cross the line into domestic terrorism? Anyone whose seen the vandalism and violence perpetrated against dissenters and journalists by groups like ANTIFA know the line can very quickly be blurred. A more rural stance against supposed government oppression plays out in David Byar’s No Man’s Land.   From […]

DOXA: The Road Taken – Review

For what Canada lacks in fictional renderings of it’s people and places is more than made up for in our rich history of documentary filmmaking. From the prairie films of Manitoban farmer James Freer in the 1890s to the countless topical offerings available at dedicated festivals like Hot Docs in Toronto and DOXA in Vancouver […]