DOXA: No Man’s Land – Review

At what point does a political protest cross the line into domestic terrorism? Anyone whose seen the vandalism and violence perpetrated against dissenters and journalists by groups like ANTIFA know the line can very quickly be blurred. A more rural stance against supposed government oppression plays out in David Byar’s No Man’s Land.   From […]

DOXA: The Road Taken – Review

For what Canada lacks in fictional renderings of it’s people and places is more than made up for in our rich history of documentary filmmaking. From the prairie films of Manitoban farmer James Freer in the 1890s to the countless topical offerings available at dedicated festivals like Hot Docs in Toronto and DOXA in Vancouver […]

Looking Back at DOXA 2016 (with Video)

It was a good year for Vancouver’s DOXA Documentary Film Festival, which wrapped up on Saturday. How good was it? It was so good that: Most film screenings at the Festival sold out in advance. They had to schedule an extra screening of The Infinite Happiness, by popular demand. (Happiness is, apparently, an apartment complex […]

Movies to See This (Post-Vic) Weekend

Tomorrowland – Directed by Brad Bird, Tomorrowland focuses on the bond between a man named Frank and an adventurous teen named Casey. The two share the same interest in a scientific discovery that leads them to a mysterious place known as Tomorrowland. Their discoveries cause the world and the two of them to change an […]