Survivors Rowe (Review with Trailer)

Canadian filmmaker Daniel Roher’s short documentary Survivors Rowe focuses on the man that links the film’s three interviewees: Priest Ralph Rowe. In the 1970s, Rowe came to Angling Lake in Northern Ontario by seaplane to much fanfare from the town, and soon became the public face of the Wapekeka First Nations community’s church. He was […]

Looking Back at DOXA 2016 (with Video)

It was a good year for Vancouver’s DOXA Documentary Film Festival, which wrapped up on Saturday. How good was it? It was so good that: Most film screenings at the Festival sold out in advance. They had to schedule an extra screening of The Infinite Happiness, by popular demand. (Happiness is, apparently, an apartment complex […]

Aim for the Roses (Review with Trailer)

Looking for the Ultimate Statement. Ken Carter, World’s Greatest Daredevil. That’s what it’s all about. says Ken (Andrew McNee),  as he inspects his car ready to drive/jump from a ramp over the St. Lawrence Seaway into the States. The year is 1976. Aim for the Roses goes further into the story of what would’ve been […]

NFB @ Hot Docs

Hot Docs 2016 got underway Friday in TO with City of Gold and The Brainwashing of My Dad (which David Berry says can be summarized “Have you ever heard of Fox News?”) Also on offer this year are a total of 10 productions from the National Film Board. Here’s a small sample: Angry Inuk (NFB/ […]

ACTRA Awards, All Nations Network, Tory’s Trip to Hollywood, Reel Fun in Calgary

(Via PRNewswire) Congratulations to all  winners of the 14th Annual ACTRA Awards, which took place Saturday night in TO. They include Catherine O’Hara (Best Performance — Female, for Schitt’s Creek, “Wine and Roses”) and Christopher Plummer (Best Performance — Male, for Remember.) ACTRA’s pioneering stunt performers also received a special presentation. (Via MarketWired) Congratulations also […]