Prisoners (Review)

It opens with a father and son patiently waiting amongst the trees, as the father recites the Lord’s Prayer, before a deer reveals itself and the shot is taken, presumably penance for taking a life. Belief such as this can define a person, but when challenged, can override other values, in turn driving them to […]

Enemy (Review)

The shortest and sweetest reviews tend to be those written about films with little under the surface, but provide harmless entertainment leaving you smiling from ear-to-ear. Although my review of Denis Villeneuve’s 2013 release Enemy will be a relatively short one, there is certainly no lack of depth or higher meaning. Thus, in the name […]

Arrival (Review)

Denis Villeneuve, one of Canada’s only current high profile filmmakers, softens here. Where Sicario was hard-edged, Arrival is tender; where Prisoners was set in a moral grey, Arrival sits in an uncomplicated blue. That said, Arrival’s cinematography is sleek, and its score is minimal, powerful, and versatile. Both these elements relate it enough to Villeneuve’s […]