Corus Takeover, TJFF Awards, New TV Series in Production

Well, it’s finally been settled. Corus has acquired Shaw Media, as announced on With Shaw Media containing 19 different sections of entertainment, such as Food Network Canada, BBC Canada, and many more unique channels being broadcast all around Canada, Corus Entertainment upon acquisition has increased its number of specialty channels from 26 to […]

Bad News, Good News, for Canadian Producers

(Via CNW) “Today’s CRTC decision [to okay the buying of Shaw Media by Corus Entertainment] sends a shiver down the spine of Canada’s independent producers,” says Reynolds Mastin, President and CEO, the Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA). The group says the deal will allow Corus to dominate women’s, kids’, and lifestyle programming, putting it in […]

Filmmaker for a Night in Regina?

Behind the Screen: A Night at the Soundstage is a free, all ages, come-and-go event in Regina on Wednesday (November 25th), that invites people to “Meet Saskatchewan’s most talented filmmaking professionals and try your hand at what they do best.” Drop in at the Soundstage any time between 5:00 and 8:00 — more details at […]

Crew Call and Two from Telefilm

MFM announces an urgent crew call for labourers tomorrow and Saturday, loading and unloading in Sudbury and Toronto and traveling in between. As you can guess, this is an all-day job and you need to be pretty fit. Details here. (Via PRNewsWire) Telefilm has released its report Audiences in Canada: Trend Report which has some […]

Canada at MIPCOM

Time for the long-delayed article on MIPCOM, Marché Internationale de Programmes Communications, which is going on in Cannes even as you read this. Unlike that other gathering in Cannes, MIPCOM has been a focus for the television industry, with international distribution deals being sought and made there. Moving with the times, it now covers entertainment […]