Agent of Influence – Review

Few actors can boast flawless resumes. Since the turn of the century, even legends of the art like Robert De Niro and Al Pacino have produced some of the greatest stinkers of their careers, even featuring together in one of them, Righteous Kill. As bad as that collaborative effort was for them, it is nowhere […]

My Top 5 Canadian Actors

Canada has produced some of the most talented, revered thespians in cinema’s relatively short history, and with new talents such as Mackenzie Davis and Mena Massoud earning some of the most sought-after roles in Hollywood, the extensive list of world-class acting talents Canada to come out of Canada is an ever-growing one. It has been […]

Remember (Review)

Every so often you can encounter a film that feels like it is treading familiar ground, like it is several films you have seen before all rolled up into one. As original a filmmaker as Atom Egoyan can be, his 2015 film Remember can feel as such in most parts, but thankfully an intense, complex […]