Actors getting married on film set

Coming from the brilliant minds of Trilight Entertainment is their latest feature film, Welcome to Nowhere, a romantic comedy with a rather interesting undertone about finding oneself in a rather unlikely place and being open. This movie about courage is in production and involves the creativity of Robin Dunne and Farrah Aviva — who will […]

Turn off before living (Review)

I never thought I’d see something from these folks again, but hey, as long as their short films are being funded, I guess they’ll keep on going, despite their weirdness. And that’s one thing that hasn’t changed: The weirdness. The first two minutes feature some cloth thing that’s lit up with orange and yellow lighting […]

Fun at Fantasia (with French Trailer)

(Via The 20th edition of Fantasia International Film Festival opens tomorrow night (Thursday, July 14th — happy Bastille Day from your resident translator-from-the-French) with the world premiere of King Dave. That’s just the beginning for the iconic genre film festival that this year will present some 400 films from 40 different countries. King Dave is […]

Éléphant Brings Classic to Fantasia

(Via CNW Telbec) The restored Quebec classic, Requiem pour un beau sans-coeur, will return to the big screen in a free showing at Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal on July 26th at 6:30. It appears courtesy of Éléphant : mémoire du cinéma québécois, in partnership with Québecor. The 1992 Robert Morin film, starring Gildor Roy, […]