Sticks and Stones (Review)

Far away in San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily, Siciliambiente, an annual film festival focusing on environmental issues and social change welcomes documentaries, short films and animation from around the world. As the festival’s 2016 edition is about to start (July 19th to 24th), it’s a great occasion to talk about Isaac King and his animated […]

Actors getting married on film set

Coming from the brilliant minds of Trilight Entertainment is their latest feature film, Welcome to Nowhere, a romantic comedy with a rather interesting undertone about finding oneself in a rather unlikely place and being open. This movie about courage is in production and involves the creativity of Robin Dunne and Farrah Aviva — who will […]

Turn off before living (Review)

I never thought I’d see something from these folks again, but hey, as long as their short films are being funded, I guess they’ll keep on going, despite their weirdness. And that’s one thing that hasn’t changed: The weirdness. The first two minutes feature some cloth thing that’s lit up with orange and yellow lighting […]