Karate Kids (Review)

Derek Lamb’s Karate Kids wasn’t what I expected. Back in the 1990s there were films aimed at young audiences which focused on topics considered too extreme for kids nowadays. Taking place in a generic third world country, the movie tells a fictional story about two kids named Mario and Pedro who meet by chance at […]

Wild Life (Review)

Yeehaw! Git along now, pardners! It’s not often I come across a short that happens to be done in Western style. This here quaint lil cartoon takes place in 1909 Alberta at what seems like a ghost town. Our star is an Englishman voiced by Adam Blackwood with a happy desire to enjoy his own […]

1st in VR, 40th for Animation Fest

(Via PRNewswire) Trinity, the first live-action interactive film project shot in virtual real- ity, has begun production, announces Montreal VR production studio Unlimited. It’s a sci-fi adventure set in a futuristic world, where the viewer is immersed in the action and every decision affects the outcome of the story. Trinity will be available in December […]

Kingdoms of Grace (Series Review)

The end  is drawing near. Satan and his medieval cosplaying minions are taking over the world. The only hero to save the day is a warrior priest named Thomas Stone (Andres Londono). However, someone stronger is in line for being the saviour of mankind: Sierra Grace (Kelly Donohue), a girl addicted to heroin, one of […]